Akasi Health

Sanjiban Hospital

Under this collaboration, the Akasi team has forged a strategic partnership with Sanjiban Hospital, an institution housing a 500-bedded hospital and a medical college in Howrah. The joint endeavour aims not only to revive the operational vitality of the hospital but also to propel it towards becoming distinguished Centres of excellence in different specialities within the region. The partnership aspires to usher in a new era of medical services, furthering the mission of advancing healthcare accessibility and quality in Howrah.

SVS Marwari Hospital

The Akasi team has embarked on a transformative venture by joining forces with the SVS Marwari trust to revive Kolkata's pioneering charitable hospital. With a legacy spanning over a century, this historic collaboration seeks to breathe new life into East India's healthcare landscape. By revitalizing Kolkata's first charitable hospital, the Akasi team aims to honour a centennial tradition of providing cutting-edge healthcare services to those in need. This strategic alliance represents a commitment to the community, blending modern healthcare practices with a century-old dedication to social welfare.